#Zombie #HorrorStory Review – Zombie Dawn by Rhani D’Chae @rhanidchae #RRBC #PromoteHorror

I’d read a snippet of Zombie Dawn during a recent blog tour and was intrigued, so I had to get it. I’m glad I did. Not only is this story quick paced, but is full of gore and the delight of the Zombie genre that I expect.

I give Zombie Dawn 5 out of 5 Stars.

About Zombie Dawn

In the late hours of a warm summer night, the residents of a quiet little street find that things are not so quiet, after all.

About Rhani D’Chae

Rhani D’Chae is a visually disabled writer who was born and raised in Tacoma, WA. Because of her failing eyesight, she no longer reads as much as she used to, but she does enjoy falling into the worlds created by other Indie authors as often as her vision will allow. Shadow of the Drill is her first published novel, and is the first in a series that revolves around an unrepentant enforcer and the violent life that he leads.

She enjoys chatting with readers and fellow writers via Social Media sites, and loves getting comments and other input from those who have read her work.

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