You Can Run – Greg Smith #Review

In the last week, I had the pleasure of reading You Can Run by Greg Smith as a Beta Reader. It is a crime novel, which to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect being the first book of this genre I’ve read. Before I started reading, I envisioned TV Dramas like Law & Order or NCIS. But, as I started reading my preconceptions were dashed away. While there were similarities, I cannot say how much I wish the TV shows were like this, they’d be so much better.

The second thing which occurred to me as it loaded on my Surface Kindle App was that it was the second in a series. Uh-oh I thought, I’m not going to have any idea about the characters or what has brought them to this installment. Well, I shouldn’t have worried about anything, Greg filled me in on a little of the background from the previous book “The Pits”–which I have downloaded, but haven’t started yet. I’ll let you know on that one in the future–but not too much. I met the lead characters and had no trouble tracking who they are or understanding their motivations; that goes for the antagonist characters as well.

After all my preconceived notions were put to rest, I settled into the story and was blown away with the building of events that explode into life (just a small spoiler). Kramer and his dog Shadow are bad-asses. The action is exciting and fast-paced. There’s suspense and thrills I didn’t expect. Oh, and, he threw in a nice bit of romance.

After reading, I put together a write up for Greg, and also posted it to the book’s page on Amazon. Now that a few days have gone by, I don’t think I did You Can Run the justice it deserved, though I gave it 5 Stars, my write-up wasn’t enough, which is why I am writing this post. (I’ve included the write-up below.)

“This is the first “crime” novel I’ve read, and wasn’t sure of what to expect. Then I saw this wasn’t the first adventure of Kramer and Shadow and was a little worried I’d be lost, but that was quickly dashed away. The characterizations are excellent, I met the leads and had no trouble tracking who they are and understand their motivations; that goes for the antagonist characters as well. The story was solid and had enough background from the first installment I never felt like I didn’t know what was happening.  There are great twists and unexpected action which kept my attention, and interested me to want to read the Pits, which I have already downloaded. Great job. I look forward to reading more of your work.”

Even if “Crime” isn’t your genre, I highly suggest taking a look at Greg Smith’s work. For more information on Greg and his works, please visit his website at and find You Can Run on Amazon.

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