Merry Christmas! Please don’t spoil the joy of the season by watching The Elf (2017). The story’s concept isn’t horrible, and maybe if they’d had a larger budget, it could’ve been better. The opening scene led me to believe there’d be so much more, but the few moments didn’t last long.

The acting…well, let me say this, I’ve seen better high school productions. Honestly, porn acting is better than this. And some of the actors change their character from one scene to the next. When the Elf speaks, it almost sounds like Latin, or gibberish, or, maybe, English backwards. The Elf makes its first kill, approximately 35 minutes in, and while nothing is shown it gave my mind something to imagine while it forced out the horrible dialogue and character interactions

Based on when Nick finds the Elf and another scene, I assumed that when it started to snow, even indoors, that it was going to kill, but that didn’t stay consistent. This movie could’ve been so much more, but alas they couldn’t pull it off. I’ve seen several low-budget Independent movies that didn’t struggle the way this one did.

Unfortunately, I can only give this film 1.5 out of 5 Stars.

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