Sint (2010) is based on the fable of Sinterklaas and twisted to be dark and creepy like Krampus. I’d never really thought much about the origins of Santa Claus before seeing this movie and took a small dive into the background. I always find little tidbits like this interesting, especially when it’s evolved to what we know as Santa Claus today. Sint morphs Sinterklaas with Krampus in an interesting way, now that I understand the lore better.

The film starts with Sinterklaas riding into town on the back of his white horse on December 5, 1492 and is killed because the village is tired of the looting by the “Black Petes”. The story advances to December 5, 1968 where a family is killed by Sinterklaas and a boy returns home to find them dead. In the grand scheme of things, I kinda wish this scene had been placed later in the film, having Goert have a flashback when he talks with Frank in 2010. Having all the information up front cut the suspense and anticipation.

One other thing I wish is that Amazon would’ve had the non-English dubbed version with subtitles, because the voice actors are horrible, but has nothing to do with the movie, because I enjoyed it. It’s touted as a “horror dark comedy”, maybe, the Dutch have a darker sense of humor because I didn’t find humor; this could’ve been due to the bad English dub.

I liked Sint and give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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