I vaguely remember seeing Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972) when I was a kid; not when it came out, but at least eight years later. For some reason get this movie confused with Silent Night, Deadly Night, but I assure you they are two different types of crazy, and I enjoy them both.

This one follows the strange history of the Butler house, and the horror that happened there. As the story unfolds, I wasn’t sure who was doing the killing as a psychopath had escaped a mental institution and another stranger came to town.

The bizarre meeting with the City Officials and John Carter, Jeffery Butler’s attorney hired to sell the house made me wonder what I was watching, but it kept me curious to find out what was happening. The story quickly unfolds, and more murders happen with me still not knowing who the culprit was.

This movie has a good level of suspense. The strangeness is off the charts. It has interesting camera angles, though there are times that the jumps between scenes are abrupt and nauseating.

If you have Amazon Prime, Silent Night, Bloody Night is available to watch for free, and I definitely recommend that you watch it. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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