World Circus Updates and other news

I’ve received news from my editor that she has been delayed due to family matters. I wish her and her family the best. The good news, she hopes to have World Circus back to me by the middle of February. So you’ll have to wait a little while longer for World Circus, the finale of the Circus Tarot Trilogy. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Interactive Circus Tarot pages by clicking Circus Tarot in the menu.

While I wait to comb through World Circus, I’ve begun writing something new. It’s a strange story, which came about with describing an unattended room in an old house where something hides in the shadows. Here’s a teaser:

The room took a deep breath as the door opened for the first time in years. Jess stood in the doorway, recording the details in her mind as she had with the other rooms. The windows weren’t covered with aged sheers as the others had been, but with old newspapers blocking light from entering. The paper had yellowed after years of the sun glaring through the glass panes, and had peeled and curled slightly at edges where the tape had begun to give up holding it in place.

Then she noted the thick layer of dust covering the wood floor; the three others had been similar, but not to this extent. Tiny prints disturbed the coating along the wall where a mouse had frequented, careful to never cross the center of the open space.

While I’m at approximately 27000 words, I don’t have a title, or a working title, which is a first for me. The story has taken on a life of its own as they normally do, and the characters are interesting (well I think so).  Jess (Jessica) moves to Ashcroft, and buys a house, and moves into it with her two children, Chloe and Blake, and the family dog, Duke (a yellow Labrador). There’s some great secrets about the house that slowly reveal themselves to Jess, and she tries to speed up the discovery by going to the library to find out what is happening in the house, but what she finds isn’t the full reason for what she has experienced. Did I mention the skeletons in her past? Good, I won’t.

The next character is Mason, an ex-con. He’s not a bad guy, though, he did bad things. Now that he’s returned to Ashcroft, he’s taking the opportunity reboot his life. Here comes the romantic aspect of the story, he and Jess hit it off. Though romance isn’t my forte, I knew this was bound to happen, so I’ll have to see how it goes.

The last character I want to mention is Gareth. He’s gross, but is very influential in Ashcroft, and has put something in motion by giving Mason a job, and a place to live while he gets back on his feet. He is elated that Jess and Mason have met on their own, and he doesn’t have to push them together; he doesn’t even want to meet Jess, though he knows he will eventually since she’ll be working in the City Building. There’s something in the house that Jess bought that he wants, but whatever is the house does like him, and won’t let him near without him becoming ill.

I’ll keep you posted with World Circus, and the progression of this work in progress.

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