3591597_origHer eyes fluttered in response to the silver light filling the room. The sound of a steady hissing, like a kettle on the fire, found her ears. Pushing herself up, she winced from the aches tormenting her muscles and joints from sleeping on the unaccommodating surface of a wooden pallet. The empty room danced with the pulsing light filling the all but bare room from a strange box sparkling with flecks of black, gray, and white, sitting on the floor.

Visions had shown her a multitude of bizarre items in the past, but never before had one appeared so solid. She stood, studying the plain walls and dusty floor, and approached the box. An unnatural warmth emitted from it, tempting her to lay a hand on its surface, but she didn’t fall for its charms.

A click from the wall behind her spun her to a door opening from its hiding place in the wall. The man looming at the threshold was no stranger. Brightness from the outside world blazed around him, and her curiosity was pulled to its delights, though her senses insisted she be alert.

“What did you do?” She hissed with the strange box on the floor near her feet. “What have you done, Winthrop?”

A rough laugh trembled his throat, as he spoke. “I’m not C. Winthrop Grim here, nor are you Winifred Criggle in your cabin, playing witch. Those people are long dead.”

She inhaled, relief washing over her; it was a vision after all.

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