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Who was Henry Scarle?

Henry Scarle is one of the ghosts from Through the Nethergate, who allies himself with Margaret. He becomes her love interest during the story.

Henry Scarle was employed by a wealthy businessman named Mathias Kerrison to look after ships transporting corn and other goods at Whitacre Burgh. Mathias Kerrison owned the Bungay Straithe navigation on the River Waverney.

Henry noticed that some of the goods were being stolen and stood guard one night to see if he could identify the thieves. He identified two local men and reported them to his master. The thieves learned of his actions before they could be caught and detained and they boarded the ship where he was working and beat him to death. His body was left floating in the river.

An extract from Through the Nethergate

“Two burly men approached the wherry. As Henry watched, they went over to the ship and started brazenly removing its cargo of corn. Piling the sacks up on the dock, they got them ready to be carried away.

Peering carefully around a barrel, the faces of the two thieves came into his range of vision. From his position behind the barrels, Henry carefully studied their features, committing them to memory so that he could provide them to the police in the morning.

Time for me to slip away. The men are completely absorbed in what they are doing and they won’t notice me in the shadows.

Piles of flour surrounded the barrels and, as he scuttled sideways like a crab towards the exit, his foot kicked up a cloud of the fine white powder. Clapping his hand over his mouth and nose, he felt a sneeze welling up.

“Atishoo!” The sneeze exploded out of his throat.

Rapid footsteps made their way in his direction and a heavy hand came down on his shoulder. A scream issued from his throat as he was pulled to his feet.

“What have we got here?” the man said softly.

“I … I was just out for a walk,” Henry stuttered.

The man chuckled as Henry shrank away from him. I can’t get away. God help me!

“I think you’re lying.” He pulled his arm back and hit Henry in the stomach, driving him back into the barrels. Henry doubled over, gasping for breath. The man jerked him back onto his feet, drew his arm back and hit him again. The blow struck him with great force, just above his right eyebrow, splitting the skin open.

Henry shrieked, as pain bloomed and warm blood trickled down his face and dripped onto the ground.

Once again, the man drew his arm back, ready to strike Henry. This time, Henry managed to duck down as the large fist came towards him.

“Get over here and hold him, Tom.”

“Coming, William.”

A few moments later, the man called Tom grabbed his arms and twisted them viciously behind his back. William disappeared briefly and reappeared with a thick branch of wood. Grinning, he stood in front of Henry, swinging the club back and forth, like a pendulum.

“You had better stop,” Henry cried, his eyes huge and glassy with fear. Blood had run into his right eye, making it blurry.

As William moved in on him, his weapon raised, Henry heard him say, “Or what? What are you going to do?”

The club hissed through the air. Henry tried to duck away, but Tom held him tightly. There was a meaty thud, followed by a crunch, as the club slammed into his ribs, breaking them. Pain exploded in his chest and he screamed, a high, thin sound. He would have slumped to his knees if Tom had not been holding him upright.

William swung the club again. Pain burst through Henry’s head again as his right cheek bone and jaw smashed under the impact of the heavy blow. Blood poured from his broken mouth and nose as he fell to the ground. Lying in the dirt, he could hear thudding sounds, as the two men kicked his inert body, and his own choking moans.”


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Margaret, a girl born with second sight, has the unique ability to bring ghosts trapped between Heaven and Hell back to life. When her parents die suddenly, she goes to live with her beloved grandfather, but the cellar of her grandfather’s ancient inn is haunted by an evil spirit of its own. In the town of Bungay, a black dog wanders the streets, enslaving the ghosts of those who have died unnatural deaths. When Margaret arrives, these phantoms congregate at the inn, hoping she can free them from the clutches of Hugh Bigod, the 12th century ghost who has drawn them away from Heaven’s White Light in his canine guise. With the help of her grandfather and the spirits she has befriended, Margaret sets out to defeat Hugh Bigod, only to discover he wants to use her for his own ends – to take over Hell itself.


Robbie CheadleHello, my name is Robbie, short for Roberta. I am an author with seven published children’s picture books in the Sir Chocolate books series for children aged 2 to 9 years old (co-authored with my son, Michael Cheadle), one published middle grade book in the Silly Willy series and one published preteen/young adult fictionalised biography about my mother’s life as a young girl growing up in an English town in Suffolk during World War II called While the Bombs Fell (co-authored with my mother, Elsie Hancy Eaton). All of my children’s book are written under Robbie Cheadle and are published by TSL Publications.

I have recently branched into adult and young adult horror and supernatural writing and, in order to clearly differential my children’s books from my adult writing, I plan to publish these books under Roberta Eaton Cheadle. My first supernatural book published in that name, Through the Nethergate, is now available.

I have participated in a number of anthologies:

Two short stories in #1 Amazon bestselling anthology, Dark Visions, a collection of horror stories edited by Dan Alatorre;
Three short stories in Death Among Us, an anthology of murder mystery stories, edited by Stephen Bentley;
Three short stories in #1 Amazon bestselling anthology, Nightmareland, a collection of horror stories edited by Dan Alatorre;
Two short stories in Whispers of the Past, an anthology of paranormal stories, edited by Kaye Lynne Booth; and
Two short stories in Spellbound, an anthology of horror stories edited by Dan Alatorre.


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    • Hi Wendy, I hope you are well. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

    • Hi Nonnie, it does have some quite dark parts. A lot of the ghosts are based on real people and I have shared a fictionalised version of their stories. I often find stories based on real facts to be the most scary. Thanks for your comment.

    • HI Yvette, this was one of the more difficult scenes for me to write. This poor lad was killed this way and it is a terrible thing. Thanks for visiting.

    • Chilling video that really fit the tone of the book, Robbie.

      Thanks for hosting Charles.

      • Hi Denise, Nonnie did an amazing job with this video. I am quite addicted to watching it. Thanks for visiting.

  1. Just got my internet back (after having been out since Wednesday). Just in time to be scared with your story! Great job, Robbie! Hope you’re doing well!

    • HI Jacqui, that particular writing style has received mainly good feedback, but is unusual. I enjoyed writing the backgrounds of the various ghosts and thought their stories, which are based on real facts, were very interesting. Their personal histories lead to the decisions, right or wrong, the ghosts make during course of the story.

    • Hi Bette, thanks for visiting. It is supernatural fantasy rather than a thriller. Some of it is quite dark.

  2. Robbie I felt the fear and pain that you described during the beating of Henry Scarle. Whew! Is all I can muster. Congrats to you on your wonderful tour.

    • Hi Shirley, all the ghosts had sad stories, but Henry and Lizzie’s were the two that made me the saddest. They evolved into such lovely characters in this book I felt truly bad about their horrible [and true] deaths.

  3. Another great excerpt to share, Robbie. This is such a great book to promote during Halloween month. I hope you have sold lots on this tour!

    • Hi Jan, thank you, this tour has been very successful. I missed October with this book last year so I wanted to grab the Halloween opportunity for it this year. Thank you for visiting and commenting on every post.

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