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Zara appears in several stories of the Enigma Series. We created her as a Darknet hacker and one of our original characters readers love to hate. Like our readers, we both loved and despised her choices. She kept reminding us that part of her complexity as a character evolved from her rough beginnings and ill-treatment by despicable men. Her survival methods made her hard and cynical—focused only on her payday and next mark.

Buzz Buswald II is affectionately known as Buzz. He first appears in The Enigma Factor as Jacob Michael’s classmate from school. Buzz comes from wealth, well-educated, yet somewhat lazy. Along his journey, Buzz has made some bad choices with fortunate outcomes.

Both characters received lots of comments from readers through more than one book. In The Enigma Always, we decided to have their paths cross. We wanted to know if they were redeemable for the series or needed to vanish.

Yes, Zara is working for a Russian mobster. True, she engineered a diamond heist of €5 million, and yes, she never tells the truth even when love is at stake.

Buzz has a heart but lousy track record in picking women. His friends are limited, and his family distances themselves. His lazy attitude and using others delayed him from growing into a positive contributing adult.

When these two misfits vanish at the end of The Enigma Always, Burkey had readers asking what happened to these two people. We decided that the story of these two needed telling. The starting point came from this audible segment of the novel.

We knew these two are off to a shaky start because Buzz askes Jacob if they have any chance at all. We created the short story to focus on these two characters with an opportunity in a new place with no baggage from their prior associations. Love’s Enigma tracks the bumpy ride of these two extreme opposites in their quest to be ordinary lovers working on a dream.

About the Short Story

Love's Enigma by Breakfield and BurkeyHopelessly in love and desperately fearful!

Zara and Buzz are products of vastly different upbringings. Their chance meeting ignites attraction they must explore. Even with lies and omissions, they find themselves falling in love. For them, it’s a good thing that love is blind.

A defining incident offers the opportunity to explore a future together. They move away from everything for a fresh start. They optimize their experiences to build a life they never imagined in the Caribbean. Then their demons surface.

About Breakfield and Burkey

Sci Fi Thriller Author_Roxanne_Ashography

Rox Burkey and Charles Breakfield are co-authors for the Enigma Series. Our characters haunt us, demanding more of their stories get written. It began with a few heroes, then expanded to those with self-serving motives. We instigated this tour to provide insight and motivating factors on the shorts. We consider these fun standalone compliments to the series novels. Enjoy this tour, and please provide feedback.

Breakfield is a technology expert specifically in security, networking, voice, and anything digital. He enjoys writing, studying World War II his¬tory, travel, and cultural exchanges. Charles is also a fan of wine tastings, wine-making, Harley riding, cooking extravaganzas, and woodworking.

Burkey is a 25+ year applied technology professional who optimizes technology and business investments for global customers. She focuses on optimized customer experiences. Rox loves interviewing authors, writing white papers, reviewing books, and loves creating fiction.

Together they create award-winning stories that resonate with men and women, young and experienced adults, and bring a fresh new view to technology possibilities today. They invite you to visit their newly revised website, look around and grab some free stuff



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  1. I’ve read Love’s Enigma, so It’s fun to find out where the story came from. I’ll have to check out The Enigma Always. Thanks for hosting, Charles! 🙂

    • Yvette, your support is valued. Thank you for joining us on the tour and providing your comments.

  2. Charles, thank you so much for featuring us on your blog. You’ve provided us a fabulous place for Day 4 of our tour. This journey is fun for us and I hope your visitors.

  3. Hi Rox, Hi Charles and Hi Charles W.

    Rox and Charles, this short story really interests me. I am a romantic at heart and so I look forward to reading it.

    Thank you, Charles W. for hosting this wonderful duo.

    Shalom aleichem

    • Hi Pat. So glad you visited here on Charles’ blog. We look forward to your feedback and review. Thank you. Charles your site is so inviting.

  4. Another wonderful tour day for Charles and Rox. I’m enjoying the commentary and book sample that you provide on each day of the tour. Here’s another book by this duo that I’ll have to get. Thank you, Charles, for hosting these two on your blog today! Enjoy the rest of the tour.

    • Jan, thank you so much for the support. Glad you stopped by. Charles is an awesome host.

  5. Great stop on the tour. Thanks for hosting, Charles. I love when authors provide a look into the background and motivation of characters. Thanks for writing these, Rox and Charles.

    • Linda, we appreciate you stopping by and enjoy the feedback you provided. Enjoy the rest of the tour stops.

  6. Hi Charles and Roz. I hope you are enjoying the fourth day of your interesting tour. I’ll take a look at your new short story.


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