After all, there’s nothing real outside our perception of reality. Dr. Oblivion

Videodrome is a disturbing movie, filled with snuff films and gruesome special effects. Max Renn is a TV Station owner, trying to find that next big thing to entertain the masses. And when he finds it, he quickly learns that it’s more than he expected as his hallucinations become bigger and badder (I hope that word doesn’t freak you out, but there’s none other to describe it.)

With ever second of this movie, I fall deeper and deeper into the depravity, and love every second of it. My stomach churns at the gash that forms in his abdomen and he stuffs a gun inside, then I cringe as he makes out with the TV screen. This is a classic that shouldn’t be ignored with its genius in fucking you up.

It’s a must see and I give it 4.5 out of 5 Stars. Watch it! You’ll love it.

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