Her baby pink uniform acted as a beacon for all the sassinak in the terminal. They made their way to her, to gawk and take pictures of her posed in front of the full fifth Moon. She wished she had a few minutes of piece before she boarded; at least the passengers on the Trinitron were higher class and did not have the Earthy stench about them.

The voyage to Dinosaur Planet would take approximately eighteen light-years. Her beloved Great-Aunt, Sassinak, was one of the fortunate ones to discover this planet. For the last half millennium, the planet was inhabited by the Inter Solar Federation, but was recently added to the Trinitron’s destinations; this was Mezni’s first trip there and outside the Inter Solar Federated Planets.

Her mind drifted thinking about everything her Great-Aunt had seen and done—how brave she was. A few years ago, Mezni barely had the courage to travel half a light-year from home, now he was travelling eighteen light-years from home—she never gave herself enough credit for the things she accomplished.

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One response to “#TuesdayTales 18 – Sassinak”

  1. 4th Honorable Mentions is… @ChuckWesJ

    I thoroughly loved the hat tip Chuck gave to the entire Dinosaur Planet and Planet Pirate series. Even the protagonist’s name, Mezni, brought to mind McCaffrey’s character Lunzie Mespil. I enjoyed that Mezni felt like a combination of the characters Sassinak and Lunzie Mespil while being her own timid but still brave person.


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