#ThursThreads – Week 8

“No doubt it’s a murder.”

“Really? You think?” I glower at my new trainee. “What gave you the first clue? Was it the slashed throat. Maybe, the bullet wound in the chest or even the disembowelment?”

I am tired of the noobs coming in, thinking they know everything and saying things that are just plain stupid. This one seems to be the worst one of them all. I put my box of forensic tools down inside the doorway and study the body with intestines circling it. I notice from my vantage that this victim put up one hell of a fight; the fingers have dark blood shoved under the nails. I forget the trainee is here until his insipid voice shatters my train of thought.

“No, boss, h…”

The sound of gunshot echoing in the room cuts him off. I glance up. A man stands in the doorway opposite us, aiming his gun at me. I notice a bloody knife stuck between his belt and pants at his side. He is covered in blood and other human excretions.

I began to say something like, I thought the police cleared the scene, but I did not have a chance as a bullet pierced my left frontal lobe.

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