“I swear, I’m totally sober,” he said, looking over his shoulder. “There’s this girl you see.” He turned back to the officer. “Well at least she was a girl but,” his eyes bounced around looking for an accurate description but found none.
“Right, whatever you say. I’m still putting you under arrest for Public Intoxication. Come on, get in the car.”
He slammed the door and shook his head; now he had heard everything. A piece of gravel bounced across the asphalt and hit the side of his boot. He slightly turned his head to the direction it came. He did not have time to react as the open mouth full of teeth attached to his face.
The young man in the backseat of the car screamed for him as when he tried, blood filled his mouth and choked him. He watched the officer twitch in her grip. She looked so sweet at the bar, the girl any guy would be glad to take home to mom. He saw the officer slump to the ground and she stood next to the car.
She bent over and looked at him through the window. He pushed himself across the seat and wedged himself against the door. She smiled with blood stained teeth and drew a bloody heart on the window. He squeezed his eyes shut, muttering prayers, not knowing that she turned and left him with her mark; he would be more than a meal.

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