#ThursThreads Week 215 #FlashFiction He Could Do No More

The elegant way Karissa dusted the powder on her face intrigued Micah, each stroke exquisite beauty. She took him for granted, but why wouldn’t she, they’d been together since conception, and would remain together, through thick or thin.

She focused on his reflection. His bland expression unnerved her; his depressive mood had taken the reins, expecting her to tend to his morose needs. Her gaze refused to return to the brushes and powders. Swiveling, she faced him, her partially decorated face gave him hesitation; he hated her, he loved her, he wanted her in ways which were wrong.

“Please, stay with me tonight,” he said meekly, barely audible through the pulsing beat bouncing from the compact speakers on the vanity top. “I have a bad feeling.” She hated the tears building, ready to roll from his eyes. “Something is going to happen.”

“Of course something is going to happen,” she said, her eyes vicious, rebuking. Always his fears, his paranoia, his guilt. “I’m going out.” Her snarl lightened. “Everything will be all right.”

On cue, the tears fell in great splashes on an arm crossed over his chest. She turned back to her duties, ignoring him and everything stowed away inside him. She hoped he didn’t follow her tonight, like before; a creepy stalker criticizing, judging, despising every movement. He’d seen, but didn’t have to.

He had no power to stop what she had planned, not then, and definitely not now. He left her alone. He could do no more.

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