In the beginning, I tried to deny what was happening to me. At first, the feelings the darkness pushed into me did not feel natural, but over time by I accepted them. Ever so slowly, the darkness ensnared me. It showed me my direction; it gave me strength. Still I fought against it, wanting to be the same as before. The first time I walked through the flames I would never have thought, “then the damned will envy my conversion,” but now that the changes are complete, I would not think twice about watching them desiring in their dark hearts to be me, the chosen one. How my world changed—I cannot say for the worse that would make me a hypocrite. I cannot say I would have chosen this path without the darkness’s sweet caress but I am not sorry for what has become of me. What I have been trained to do is not for the faint of heart—it gives me sweet satisfaction to see the eyes flood with panic at my approach. When I am free from these catacombs, the eyes will know fear again.

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