I’ve seen her several times since I escaped the catacombs below the city. I watch her from a distance; I cannot believe how she mirrors my dearly departed Fine. It is as though the gods torment me, as does the Darkness. How else could it be possible that I lay my weary eyes upon my love again, after so much time has gone by?
I smell the richness of her skin and the Darkness urges me to take her.
“We won’t feed on her as we have so many others,” I say to it. My defiance, of feeding on the undeserving, fully inflated.
As a matter of fact, we are,” the Darkness replies with a howl.
I feel my hands on her. Her sweet aroma twists my senses. I freeze. I cannot. The Darkness explodes within me but I stand strong against it. She turns. Her eyes meet mine, causing memories to push forward. She seems to recognize me. How is that possible? She smiles and begins to speak.
I fall back. I can no longer fight back the hunger churning in me. I cannot take her. Will not. The Darkness shrieks at me with its normal demands as I run away from her. I hear horns honk from the cars I weave through in the traffic, but I do not look back to her. To Fine.
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