“I don’t want to be an imposition. I understand men need their time and…”
“I wouldn’t mind the company.”
We walk the main street.
“Where are you from Mr. Ashwin?”
“I’ve always dreamed of going to London, but my parents don’t feel comfortable with me going at my age.”
“Your age?”
“Sixteen and never been kissed.” She sees my expression and continues, “I know I pass for at least twenty. I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable.”
“No, it’s alright, but I think we should be heading back, the train will be leaving soon.” I can no longer ignore the demands beating in my head. “I’ll see you back on the train,” I say and hand her my coat.
“OK,” she says with a confused expression and takes my coat.
I watch her stride down the street to the train station without turning back and I duck into the alley to find the source of the scent that enticed me away from her.
He lay passed out in the shadows against the wall. His heavy snores confirm that there will not be a struggle. I squat next to him and without further hesitation rip the flesh of his filthy neck with my teeth. His blood fills my mouth. My eyes glance back to the entrance, hoping that she did not return, which she did not. I finish drinking of him and wipe my mouth with the already stained handkerchief in my pocket, then return to the train.

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