I am not like the others that they tracked easily. I do not fall under an outline or profile of what is expected. I leave no trace of what or who I am. It is true, I have not taken my first conquest—I am selective.
My breath is dark; it blends with the night. I lurk near them without a single glance from their inquisitive eyes. The first has to be special—one that will give me power for the next and the next after that. Then I will be able to say, “Humans couldn’t stop me.” I will be the ultimate predator, the likes no one has ever seen.
I smell her in the air, the one that will start me into quite the career. I dart from shadow to shadow. My hand innocently caresses hers. I need to be sure. Electricity shoots through me for no more than a second confirming her as the “one.” 
I hear the click-click of her heels echo toward me in the garage. I turn to face her. With a great smile, I say, “I tripped and dropped my keys and phone into the floor great.” I point behind me. “Can I borrow you phone to call for help?”
She laughs and digs into her bag. She smiles at me as she offers me her phone. Quickly, the chloroformed rag covers her mouth and nose and she falls into me. The thoughts that surge through my head cause me to giggle.

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