“You knew the price when you asked for my assistance,” Contessa’s dark eyes flicked over pile of coins on the table between them. “But it’s not enough, nowhere near enough.”
“It wasn’t enough time. I thought we could work something out,” she said without holding her gaze to the dark eyes.
“Yes it was.” She abruptly stood from her golden chair, causing an avalanche in the pile of coins. “I always give what is fair. I always help the likes of you with their problems and you dare to return short of my payment and expect me to “work something out.” We have a contract with the time allotment spelled out. You did not meet the terms and I have the right to revoke my assistance, returning things to the way they were.”
The other quietly backed away to the door as Contessa ranted. Her heart pounded. She needed to get away; she had heard the tales of what happens if you didn’t meet “Contessa’s Terms”.
“Of course I am willing to help and always do when asked. But you think me a fool and try to cheat me out of what is fairly mine.”
“No ma’am.”
“What? No?”
“I do not wish to cheat you. What you did for me is wonderful and relieved a great burden. All I ask is that you give me just one more day.”
Contessa smiled and seemed to contemplate the request. “No,” she said and snapped her fingers, dispatching the woman into nothing.

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