“They take this seriously—the game that I put together—very seriously. I find it all too interesting, watching them toil and mess with each other, to shut it down. The ones that intrigue me the most are the ones that think of ways to advance themselves with monstrous creations. They build, what are they called?”
“ Gadgets?”
“ Yes, that’s the word. Gadgets; they build these gadgets and convince others that they need them, cannot live without them and that is when they have them.”
“ It’s quite ingenious actually.”
He looked at the other with a bemused expression. His sparkling blues gave the other permission to continue.

“I think they figured out your game. Isn’t the objective to be the one on top at the end?”
He placed his index finger to his lips, considering what the other said. Was that the intent of the game? At first, it was just an experiment to see what would happen if this and what would happen if that. Now, it had become so much more. He glanced around at the players.
“Maybe it is. I didn’t, of course, plan it that way but it is what it has become.”
“Understood, I remember all the things you did early on. Now they’ve learned many things and continue on without you.”
He glanced at the other with a devious smirk. “I think it’s time I become more involved again. Shake things up a bit for them. They’ll never know what hit them.”

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