They stepped across the threshold not knowing what to expect. The gloom of their world was all they knew; never before had they seen pure unfiltered light in the sky. The air was intoxicating. They looked around them, fingers intertwined, with awe. Had anyone told them of this, they would not have believed. They walked along a babbling brook. Frogs jumped, birds chirped and fluttered around them. They splashed water on their faces and drank in the crystalline coolness.
“We should go back and bring our families,” he said and she smiled in agreement.
The sun began to fall on the horizon as they returned to the door. It was shut to them without a knob to open it. They banged on its surface and called out.
“No one hears you,” a confident voice said behind them. They stopped and looked behind them at the luminescent figure. “If you really wish to return, I will open the door for you but you will not be allowed back here.”
They studied the figure and exchanged glances between one and other.
“You can start over here in this fresh new world. It is yours to create a history, knowing the failings of that world’s past. What do you say?”
They showed their agreement by approaching the figure.
“This is all yours, you just have to take care of it and not let it turn bad. What are your names?”
“I’m Adam and she’s Eve.”
“What do we call you?” Eve asked.
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