She looked at her reflection in the window. This wasn’t right. She grimaced. But what wasn’t right? She had memories of her life that just didn’t seem to fit—they didn’t seem real. It was like a bizarre dream that she couldn’t wake up from.
“Honey, are you O.K.?” he asked.
That voice. Something about that voice felt like it was interlaced with trickery. She turned to face him. He stood on the sidewalk with iced coffee drinks in his hands. His smile…a memory tried to push its way to the surface of her mind but something held it back. She stared at him, she knew him and her mind told her that she did, but something still wasn’t right. Yes, she knew him but not in this way. He was something else, not her lover.
He could see something come over her. He did not say anything else, just stood there expectantly, waiting to see if she knew the truth. She took a step backwards, the wall of glass stopped her. What was happening? She knew this wasn’t real now. He would not be here this way, neither would she.
The whir of wings broke the silence. It startled her. She looked over her shoulder at the brilliant white wings that had sprouted from her back. She looked back at him. He no longer held the iced drinks. He stared at her with sadness.
“If you truly loved me,” she said, “you would not use this trickery to woo me.”


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