She turned slowly, her face turned up, in the middle of the field. The sun made her face glow with warmth. I watched with fascination and sorrow. Her beauty and grace was unmatched by any. I felt a smile stretch across my face. This creature that we treated so horribly, only came here to set us free. She stopped her pirouette and looked directly at me. My heart raced with anticipation.
“Come,” she commanded.
I could do nothing but obey. The petals of the flowers that grew from her twitched and twisted to taste me as I approached. I stopped before I was within her warm sphere and felt a tear slide down my cheek. Her beauty, even though now tremendously faded, was still strong and overpowering.
“I’m terminal, not contagious,” she stated, then with an almost pleading tone said. “It’s not too late to heal.”
My eyes drank her in and I could feel the strength of her being pull me to her. The touch of her skin ignited mine. I yearned to drink her in, to taste those full lips to feel her sensuous caress. My clothes faded away and we stood as one in the field of swaying wheat. Our bodies undulated in time with the wheat surrounding us. Our union sent sparks of life into the air changing the world, even if just for a moment, into a beautiful place.

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  1. won Honorable Mention – Angelica says: You put ME in your story?! Squeal! How could I not pat you on the back after that? 🙂

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