His final wishes…we looked at each other with amazement. We knew that he would not rest if we did not do as he asked. We had less than two days to steal his body and drive a thousand miles.
No one noticed us as we removed his body from the small town’s mortuary. During the drive across county, our memories of everything he taught us flooded our minds. We told stories of his idiosyncrasies with smiles and tears.
We arrived at the end of the road with several hours to spare. The hot breeze bounced across the plains, giving us little relief from the heat as we took turns lugging him and carrying the shovels along the path.
Standing dry and leafless was the tree, its bark silver and black. The air around it stood still, even though the wind eddied dirt feet away. The heat scorched us, but we did not stop digging until we were finished.
We lowered him into the warm, hard ground and with small silent prayers covered him with dirt. Sweat muddied the dirt on our faces. A cool breeze caressed our sore shoulders. Chirping from the branches crescendoed. Red sparks of light exploded around us. We exchanged bewildered looks and backed away to see what was happening above us.
The tree exploded with life. Leaves and flowers burst forth from the dry limbs. Everything around us was aglow with luminescence. It was a much better monument than a cold stone in a manicured cemetery.

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