I awoke. My eyes were dry and the pale green hue of the room caused halos to dance at the edge of my vision. I looked around at my things covered in layers of dust and insect corpses. A buzzing came from beyond the walls.
I stood. The fabric of my clothes broke in places from my movements. My joints resisted, attempting to keep me from leaving my resting position. A slight breeze rolled through the partially open windows.
I moved. By the time I reached the threshold, the joints and muscles of my legs loosened. My bare feet navigated the rubble in the hall. Cobwebs shimmied as I passed. At the door, I stopped and looked back at my footprints etched in the pools of dirt on the floor. The dry algae that covered the once chrome doorknob turned to dust when I put my hand on it. It turned easily and I pulled the door open. Foliage crowded the entry but easily gave way as I walked through it.
I squinted. The brightness of the day attacked my eyes. As my vision cleared, I was astonished at the sights. How long had I been asleep? All around me everything was destroyed, the neighbors’ houses were ruins. Vines climbed over and through the wrecks. Squirrels bounced from the tree limbs above me. Where was everyone? The buzzing sound was louder outside, it seemed to come from everywhere.
I walked. At the end of the street I stopped and cried.

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