Oh, look at them, the “young, dumb, and full of cum” brigade. I remember being like them. The nights were long and sweet. I could drink my belly full of suds then bang two or three babes before the sun came up. When the dead came back, my two buds and me would take out hundreds of them in the light of the setting sun.
One night, we decided that we’d do them dead bastards some damage before we called it a night. We stole some night-vision goggles and guns from the armory, then snuck through the city gates into the dark squalid streets of Dead Town that surrounded us. They were easy to find with their idiotic groans. We started firing, exploding their heads in the pale moon light.
“Out of ammo,” Tim said.
“What the fuck man?” Billy yelled at him. “You said you grabbed enough. I got a full clip, how much you got left?”
“My clip is almost full,” I said. “Enough to get back to the gates if we don’t run into many.”
We retraced our steps and didn’t shoot unless they blocked us. We rested in an alcove before we finished our travels. Billy led us out and we turned a corner into an ambush of the putrid dead. I was lucky, I only lost my legs, Billy and Tim died. The bar-keep says he’s seen them a few times on his duty nights but he doesn’t have the heart to take them out.
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One response to “#ThursThreads – The Challenge that Ties Tales Together – Week 18”

  1. I received an Honorable Mention for this one. Here's what the judge said:
    Mr. V says: Man, you can’t fix stupid no matter how much you try, that is why I liked Charles Jones’ tale. Only stupid would bring one clip of ammo to go hunting zombies. It’s sort of like a geologist going in the field with a chisel and no hammer. (Sad to say I have done that). But what I liked at the end was the Shaun of the Dead humor, just can’t bring yourself to kill stupid no matter if it is the right thing to do. Who needs enemies when you have friends like these they’ll protect you long after you’re a zombie unless you come for a bite?

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