Once upon a time, he owned me. He treated me like the garbage in the bin. He beat me and locked me away in the darkness. He threw insults at me that wounded deeper than any blow he made to my body. The hot my skin felt as his hand branded its imprint. I suffered many indignities from him but it would be his last. No longer will I cower before him, the angel told me I had more than paid my penitence. She showed me how to end the hurt. I feel a light within that I have not felt since I was but a child.
I prepare his evening meal as always, no longer hiding my bruised limbs from the rooms. I feel afraid but the angel pushes me onward with reassurances of a new life. He scowls at me, but I do not bow my head to him, I stare directly into his icy eyes. He raises his hand to me. I do not flinch. The demon grumbles that I will pay for my insolence; still I do not back away.
He feeds on the bounty before him as I watch from my position. His eyes droop with the filling of his belly—the mixture the angel instructed me surges through him.
“What have you done, bitch?” he slurs through heavy lips.
I step forward and bring the shining blade from behind my back. The angel guides me and helps me raise the blade above my head.

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