He stood with his back to the door panting. The run up hill had wiped him out and he knew that his physical exertion was not over. How was it possible? The Grimm’s tales did not prepare him for what he saw out there. He hated the woods and this was another reason to hate them. She came from the kitchen of the ultra-modern house in the woods. She looked him over, standing at the door, obviously filled with terror.
“What’s wrong,” she asked a mix of bewilderment and amusement on her face at seeing him look so frail.
“I…i…it wa..was horrible,” he stammered. “A beast…a monster…I ran up the hill.”
“A monster? Really?”
“Yeah, it was covered in grey hair. It had huge teeth and claws.”
“You probably just saw a wolf,” she smiled. “Nothing really to worry about, they tend to keep away.”
“This was like no wolf I’ve seen before.”
He released his firm lean on the door and stepped to peer out the window. Her ears and nose twitched. Why was he out there? She told him not to go outside after dark. Her skin prickled as the heavy hair of her coat grew in. Her head swayed from side-to-side and her snout elongated. Bright-white glistening teeth jutted from her jaw. He muttered something but she did not understand his words as her transformation completed. Her nails clacked on the polished hardwood floors. He turned from the window.
“Oh yeah, it was that big.”

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