#ThursThreads – The Challenge That Ties Tales Together – Week 132


Alexis stared out the window at the dismal night, a rumble of thunder echoed in the distance. Now that she had heard the diabolical prophecy, she was astonished. She turned from the window, not wanting to see the rain.


“Take it back,” she said, holding back anguished tears. “You’re a beast, I will not marry you.”


Gabe stared into her eyes, satisfied with the misery he saw. “You cannot change your destiny, my dear.” His taught face stretched into a demonic grin.


“No,” she cried, rushing for the door, her sheer pale-green dress flowing behind her. “I have to leave.”


“Too late for that,” he said, grabbing her wrist.


He pushed her backward to a plush divan, sitting her down.  He bent, filling her with dread as he place a cold kiss on her forehead. Without saying another word, he returned to the door and left. She heard the click of the lock engaging in the dark wooden door. Frantic, she ran to the door. Panic filled her, anticipating her impending doom. Breathlessly, she slumped against the door, sliding down its smooth veneer.


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