She could not quell the feeling of being watched and opened her eyes. Despite her efforts to be of the shadows, someone always seemed to pierce the veil of her privacy. They never realized the consequences of their actions until it was too late. The intruder stared into her eyes without seeing her—he only saw the layered shadows of the trees.
“Ma’am?” the intruder’s voice quavered. “I have a message.”
A message, she thought. No one ever sends me a message.
She flicked a hand, causing the shadows to swirl. The intruder took a step backward seeing her outline in the shadows.
“Oh, ha ha. Finding you was easier than expected. Thought I’d have to go further into the woods. Play a bit of hide and seek, know what I mean?”
“What is your message?” Her voice was strong and smooth—not what he expected after the tales he had heard. A tendril of shadow crept up his leg unnoticed.
“They wish a truce and request a meeting tonight.”
“Why now? What could they possibly want of me?”
“I don’t know, ma’am. That was all I was told. I should be heading back now. Have a nice night.”
“I will have a delightful night, thank you.”
He attempted to turn from her, but found his legs would not respond. He opened his mouth to speak, giving entry to a wisp of shadow. His eyes franticly searched for her. He only saw the shadows converge around him.

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