Each woke to a new day and started their routines.  At first, none noticed that the world they knew when they fell asleep the night before had changed. The feelings each experienced were similar when they discovered the people they knew and loved were no longer there—when they discovered the great responsibility bestowed on them.


He parked the car and walked the short distance to the coffee shop. The windows were dark. He looked at his watch, 6:00 AM. The sign on the door read, CLOSED. Strange, he thought and returned to his car. He would have to drink the bitter coffee at work. Abandoned cars randomly littered the streets as he made his way across town. The annoying security guard was not at the front desk to shriek, ‘Good Morning!’ when he entered. He began working, anticipating the normal flow of employees to start funneling into the building. 8:00 AM and he was still the only one there. He explored the building and found no one. In the break room, a TV, showing an anchor desk with empty chairs, caught his eye. He flipped through the channels and stopped at a news channel from India. A woman sat in a chair, crying. She looked up, as though she knew he watched her.


“There has to be someone else out there,” she said, tears streaking her face. “I am just like you, alone. Please contact me.” She held up a sheet of paper with different forms of contact.



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