Finally, he had made it to the Shaver Hotel—his corner room looked at the street and a small park. He let his cat out of her carrier and she sat on his lap while they waited for nightfall. Once sunset came, he pulled open the drapes allowing soft light to illuminate the room. His cat chattered at him and rubbed his leg. Across the street, a man watched with mischief. He turned from the window and noticed a row of light switches, each with a unique wall plate. Their temptation was irresistible.


 The first he flicked, added a wing to his room, which disappeared when he turned it off. Another caused a silver light to ignite the trees in the park for the second that it was on. The next he did not bother turning off because, like the others, he did not see any effects. The two buttons of the following switch had mother-of-pearl inlays. He reached out to push the top button.

“You sure this is the one?” a playful voice said from the floor. He glanced down at his cat sitting at his feet. “You don’t know what they do,” she continued. “You’ve already summonsed the man from outside to kill you.”

The floorboards outside his room creaked and groaned. The doorknob rattled. He pushed the button, engulfing the room in white light.

“Now you’ve gone and killed us both,” the cat complained. “If you would’ve just turned the last one off, everything would be fine.”

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