A soft murmuring came from behind me—the same I heard before sleep. My assistant was not here yet and the doors locked. The feeling of being watched surfaced again. I turned to find no one there. I felt my temperature; I was not running a fever. I did not feel fatigued; in fact, I felt quite energetic. I did not recall that hearing things and odd feelings were symptoms of the plague.
The sound of the murmuring increased in volume and I was able to hear a voice speaking to me.
“I do so hope you will like me as much as I like you,” it said playfully. “I have so many things to show you.”
I spun around the room. The only explanation, I was going mad. “Let’s get this over with,” I thought. If the plague or madness were going to take me, I was ready.
“Not to worry, Reynard Ashwin, you are not going mad nor have you been infected. I will not allow that to happen to you.”
In my peripheral vision, I saw a dark shadow swirling. I spun to meet what was there but it moved with me, never allowing me to lay eyes on it.
“I hunger for the forbidden. I hope you will satisfy my hunger and partake with me,” it whispered around me.
“What is it that you hunger for?” I asked, it did not respond with a straight answer.
“I will show you what I need, what we need.”
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