He strolled through the town. It looked like all the others he had seen on his journeys down the coastline. The only difference was the season. He breathed in the cooling air and in his mind he saw the frost glittering on the leaves remaining in the trees outside the window. She gripped his hand. The mound of her belly heaved as their son fought to be out of her womb and into the world. It was his second happiest memory.

Jerome screamed into the world. He was healthy. The nursemaid wiped the fluids from him and handed him to Reynard, who hesitantly took him into his arms. With a great smile he looked down at his beloved wife, Fine. Her skin glistened with sweat. She smiled back. He brought Jerome into her arms and kissed her forehead.

“I can’t go with you,” she whispered.


“You’re going on an adventure. I have the baby now.”

“I don’t understand. This…you son of a bitch, get out of my head. Quit playing with me.”

“Oh how sweet, your lovely baby boy is born and now is dead. The darling memories you have of your family.”

“Leave them alone.”

“I did, don’t you remember? Now let’s feed.”

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