#ThursThreads – The Challenge That Ties Tale Together – Week 31

The spears poked into my flesh. There was nowhere for me to run at the moment. I had another trick up my sleeve, if I just could get to it.
“Gentlemen,” I exclaimed, looking at the faces near me. “It’s on the warm side today; can we take it to the shade?”
Their eyes shifted side to side. At least they understood my language; this could be a whole lot worse. The natives to my sides lowered their spears, while one in front and one behind kept theirs firmly in place. Slowly, we moved towards the copse of trees.
“Now we’re getting somewhere,” I thought with a smile, then said, “I’ll tell you whatever you wish to hear but you have to promise to let me go on my way without any harm.” It might be too early in the conversation but it was worth a try.”
“Why you steal from scared burial ground?” I presume the leader asked.
Not too early after all, “I am quite embarrassed. I wasn’t aware that it was a burial ground. Now if there aren’t any other questions, I really need to be on my way.” I started away from the tree. “I have a meeting with…”
A sharp pain erupted in my back. I staggered and felt a warm liquid flow down my chest. I looked down at the tip of the spear jutting from my chest. I guess they didn’t fully grasp our deal, then again we didn’t shake on it either.

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