The moonlight trickled into the room with a slight breeze that made the sheer drapes dance on the polished wooden floor. The white satin sheet, covering her soft curves, shimmered in the moonlight with her breaths.

The sharp sound of the floorboards protesting woke her. She sat up and the sheet slid into her lap, revealing her full breasts. Her eyes widened, scouring the shadows for the source of the disturbance to her dreams. She stood, pulled her thin robe from the foot of the bed and glided to the open window as she put on the robe.

“The sound,” she thought. “It must have been an animal outside.”

She stood in the mystical light for a moment, then turned back to the bed. She froze. He stood between her and the bed, shirt open, revealing his masculine form. He reached his hands to her.

“It is time. Come with me.” he said; his smooth voice caressed her ears and she put her hands out to take his.

Just before she put herself into his warm embrace, she stopped.

“Why should I?” she asked and dropped her hands away from his, then took a step backwards.

“It is time. It is what you desired.”

The reassurance and confidence of his voice, made her want to run into his arms and take his embrace. She wanted to know the heat of his breath on her neck, the strength of his hands holding her, but she did not move from the spot.

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