#ThursThreads Love’s Return

Cool droplets of dew covered her pale skin, the moonlight made it glisten like tiny jewels. She waited in the same spot every night, nestled in the tall grass hidden from the outside world. Watching for the sigil to blaze in the heavens, her eyes remained wide, waiting endlessly for her lover’s return.

She pondered how much time had passed since he went back for ‘em, always doing for others, leaving her to pine for his warmth. His thick drawl filled her mind, creasing her serene features with melancholy as her uncertainty grew. Searching her memory, she strained to remember who he had gone back for, but found only flashes of him with tears searing his cheeks. Why had such dour emotions filled him?

A twig snapping brightened her mood, finally he had come. Though she hadn’t seen the promised flashing lights in the sky, she knew he drew near. A glimmer of fear crossed her, keeping her from rising from her position on the ground, afraid it might not be him after all. Her heart raced excitedly, and breaths quickened as a shadow trailed across her with the grass rustling around her.

He’d waited all his life for this moment. While periods of loneliness had consumed him, he had never given into the urge to move this reunion forward. His eyes filled with fire, remembering like it were only yesterday. She didn’t move until she was sure, then rose swiftly, rushing into his arms reuniting their souls.

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