He stood on the roof taking in the glowing view as the sun rose over the downtown skyline. The woman vexed him. She definitely was not his type but he found that he could not stop thinking about her. Everywhere he went, eventually, she appeared, seemingly, from nowhere. Now, she abandoned him like everyone else. His best friend betrayed him and he lost his job; he could not take anymore. He climbed on the ledge and stared across the horizon.
“What do you think you are doing?” The melodic voice said.
He looked over his shoulder. Her plump face looked up at him. Her squat body seemed shorter from his new height. She had never spoken to him before and her voice filled him with comfort.
“You,” he said to her. “Who are you?”
“Your angel,” she replied with a smile.
“You don’t look like any angel I’ve ever seen.”
“Please,” she rolled her eyes at him. “I’m the only angel you’ve ever seen.”
“Where are your wings?”
She shook her head and sighed. The air behind her stirred and for a few seconds giant monarch butterfly wings were visible to him. The sight of her wings startled him and he wobbled on the ledge. She rushed forward grabbing his legs, then pulled him backwards to topple on top of her.
“Contrary to popular belief,” she said pushing him off her. “Angels come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of wings.”

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