#TBT #HorrorMovie Review – The Howling (1981)

I get hungry enough, I’ll eat anything. Bill Neill

“Are you wearing what I asked you too?” asked the creepy perv on the phone, then she walks down the street to a sleazy adult bookstore. What’s that on the wall? No, it couldn’t be. I’m impressed on what they’re showing in the opening scene, something like that in the 80s seems like pushing the veil; I know it was Rated R, but still it was the 80s.

I think it’s interesting that The Howling was based on Gary Brandner’s book and has barely anything similar. Oh well, they are both excellent choices when it comes to werewolves. I’m just glad that The Howling came out before Silver Bullet, because I don’t think I’d ever have see The Howling if it were the other way around.

The psychological parts of this movie are excellent. Obviously, Karen White has PTSD from what happened in the adult store, so everyone thinks the strange noises she hears are part of it. Of course, life can’t be easy for Karen, her husband has an affair when they go to the Colony for her to get rest. Then she is shown the truth of why she’s there, but the pack doesn’t want her.

The ending is amazing, one of my favorites of all time. Always great to watch, and I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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