This movie is a strange one, it begins with an old sailor telling a tale to some kids on the beach, then the paranormal activity at the gas station starts, and ship is attacked by some phantoms all the while the sexy radio DJ, Stevie Wayne (Adrienne Barbeau,) is telling the small town that a fog is coming in.

The town is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Antonio Bay, which is the reason, unknown to the residents, that the fog is coming. The wronged settlers, sailors, pirates, I’m not sure which, return for revenge. When Stevie sees 6 MUST DIE replaced on the board during the tape player’s fire, I get excited, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen; bummer. In fact, only one death and that’s at the very end.

I don’t really understand Jamie Lee Curtis’s part in this movie. Her role as Elizabeth Solley, a hitchhiker who stays in town as the bizarre events unfold, seems like an after-thought, and she only screamed once.

I haven’t seen this movie in a long time, since around the time the remake came out (I wanted a comparison,) and I love the low-tech effects. The disembodied zombie hands are amazing and creep me out, and their red eyes, wow, great stuff. John Carpenter has a way of not showing blood and guts that makes the scenes scarier than if he’d dumped blood and guts everywhere; he’s like a protective father covering his child’s eyes when the gore comes.

The fog has a strange cyan glow at the edges, and moves around the town, looking for its victims. The DJ gives the residence of the town directions on how to stay clear of the fog and get to the church. If I were the fog, I would’ve gone after the lighthouse first where she’s giving them directions. It always seems like the most logical to go up when crazed killers are after you, and this lady does the best ever, she climbs on top of a lighthouse. Yup, that’s the best place to go, your chance of escape is very high…NOT.

I love this version of the Fog the best, of course, I normally like the original better, though the 2005 remake has its merits, but that is for another time. I give The Fog (1980) 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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