#ThrowbackThursday #HorrorMovie Review – Silver Bullet (1985)

Why would a werewolf decapitate someone?

Why is it underneath the dude’s greenhouse?

Why does Marty stare strangely at his friend when he doesn’t leave the park? Does he know what’s going to happen? Is he the…the werewolf?

These are just a few of my questions for Silver Bullet. As I watched the movie recently, I remembered why I didn’t like it, and started disliking werewolves because of it. I read the novella, too, and didn’t much care for it either. I loved the Howling, and American Werewolf in London, but Silver Bullet just made no sense; yeah, I get the whole “justified killer” concept, like Dexter, but this didn’t work for me.

I never realized Terry O’Quinn played the Sheriff; it’s very strange to see him with hair. Why did he say Private Justice? It just didn’t sound right, especially when he could’ve said vigilantism.

There’s a good amount of visuals to keep the slasher lover engaged. A lot of creepy interactions kept me entertained, though not enough to like it. For the most part, we never see the werewolf, keeping to the teeth and paw for the most part. The Priest’s dream is probably the part of the movie, but why does he dream the townspeople turning into werewolves?

Why do some people know they are werewolves while others do not? I know this question isn’t isolated to this movie, it seems to change from story to story. This one does knows, and he wants revenge on crippled Corey Haim’s character, Marty Coslow, for shooting him in the eye with a bottle-rocket.

This movie sucked for me then and it does now, and I give it 2 out of 5 Stars.

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