I want you out of my house. Charlie

I saw an ad for The Intruder (2019) on Starz, so I figured what the hell, it’s got Dennis Quaid, so how bad can it be? I’m amazed still on Quaid’s performance as Charlie, even when he crossed the line into ‘The Shining’ territory.

The story follows a young couple, Scott and Annie, who are looking for the perfect house to call home. She falls in love with the one called Foxglove, unknown to them what else included in the purchase of the property. The Intruder doesn’t have the most original story/plot, but it packs in the thrills and terror better than others I’ve seen.

Back to Charlie for a moment. It’s not a surprise that he’s on the deranged side, what is surprising is Quaid’s portrayal. I’ve never seen him in this type of role and he was a delight to watch. The other characters’ performance were strong, too, making the whole encounter feel like a real-life drama playing out before me.

Secrets are revealed as The Intruder adding to the momentum of the thrills. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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