#Thriller #MovieReview – We Have Always Lived In The Castle (2019)

We Have Always Lived In The Castle (2019) is another of Shirley Jackson’s masterpieces adapted to film. I’d never heard of the novel or the movie until the other day when I was reading movie news. I’m a huge fan of her book The Haunting of Hill House and the 1963 film adaptation, The Haunting.

The story isn’t too far from Hill House, almost feeling like a prequel of sorts minus the rickety spiral staircase. The house as with most gothic tales is more than just a setting but like a living character from the way it is displayed. The use of angle shots could’ve been more as the few were enough to whet my whistle but not enough to satisfy all of my needs.

Taissa Farmiga is becoming the intriguing actor and one I’ll keep my eye on in the future; she gets better with everything she does. Her role as Merricat Blackwood is eclectic, I guess is the best way to describe the character. She’s multifaceted with quirks and secrets and witchery. I sensed Asperger syndrome in her at times, while others moments were OCD, then on the verge of a psychotic break the next.

Alexandra Daddario as Constance Blackwood is breathtaking. Her portrayal of the skittish woman coming out of her shell is a delight. She’s reclusive after being acquitted for murdering her father and doesn’t leave the house except for maybe a few steps into the garden. I’ve never seen Crispin Glover play anyone like Julian Blackwood before, and was in awe of his portrayal.

Where would a gothic thriller be without an antagonist? Enter Charles Blackwood, cousin of the women and nephew to Julian, who, while on the surface, seems to be looking out for their best interests, the question is always; is he really? He fooled me for a minute or two, but thankfully, Merricat was not. He’s very charming and begins seducing Constance into leaving the castle. I will stop there because there’s nothing that I hate more than spoilers.

I enjoyed We Have Always Lived In The Castle so much, I’m giving it 5 out of 5 Stars. You should watch it.

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  • D.L. Finn, Author
    June 10, 2019 - 9:06 AM ·

    I was wondering about this movie this weekend when I was looking for sonething to watch. I will have to check it out, thanks.

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