From May 3 to June 1, 2021, I’ve teamed up with some great Horror authors to scare the pants off of you. Each of the participating authors is offering some of their books at a discounted price.  To check out all these books follow this link to the Things that go BITE in the night landing page.

I’m including Amilcar and will keep it 99¢ through June 1, 2021. So this is your chance to get a Kindle copy of Amilcar before the price goes up to $3.99.

amilcar_single04About Amilcar

When the Carrington Collective calls Ezra Thompson to investigate an occurrence in Waldgrave, he and his son, Eli, are confronted with a Fallen Angel few knew existed.

The past shows that Amilcar finds ones who yearn for something beyond their reach and provides them with everything they desire. The ones who succumbed to his charms received their wishes, while the sacrifices to Amilcar were not so lucky.

Katrina, Heather, and Aletha are some who stood against Amilcar, fighting him to the end, but will Ezra and Eli come out the other side unharmed from this Fallen Angel?

The newly revised HOME is also available for 99¢ from today (May 4) to May 9.


A Fallen Angel, Belphegore, aka Mr. Bel, plans to return to God’s side and good graces. Many years ago, he’d visited a boy, sharing a part of his essence, and feels the time has come for Cody, now a man, to return home to help see his plan to fruition. Shoshoni’s residents are worried about what Mr. Bel is planning and work to keep Cody from his grasp.

Follow this link to the Things that go BITE in the night landing page to find Amilcar, HOME, and so many other great frights in store for you!

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