They/Them (2022) brings LGBTQ+ horror to the front in this strangely delightful slasher. While it has some great stabby-stabby scenes, it’s not very frightening. That’s because Blumhouse seems to make so much horror-lite content anymore that I can’t remember being scared.

It takes place in an LGBTQ+ conversion camp run by Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon); I’m so glad he plays an asshole well. And while the psychological aspect of being in a place like that freaks me the fuck out, there really wasn’t much to be afraid of. The most sadistic conversion technique was leaving them in the woods overnight, which wasn’t really that bad since I’ve been camping many times.

The suspenseful moments were constant, with little follow-through. At least the few slasher scenes were good. The reveal was good, but I wish they would’ve waited just a little longer to show the killer and their reasons.

3.5 Stars

They/Them isn’t the worst Blumhouse film I’ve seen, and I was actually satisfied with what I saw. I gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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