They Live Inside Us (2020) showed up in my recommended list on Amazon with a 3.6 Star rating on IMDB. I did more of a background check on this one than I do most movies and discovered that it’s an adaptation of episode #4 of the Witching Season anthology series, whatever that is.

theyliveinsideus_pThe opening reminded me of Halloween (1978). Even the score resembled John Carpenter’s music. The beginning has a sinister edginess about it, so I anticipated that the rest of the film would be fantastic. Before I say anything else, I should mention that this too is an anthology of sorts with an author trying to get a story written.

As I reviewed the notes for this incredibly long independent horror film (one hour forty-three minutes), I saw that I kept saying things like the events when he’s not writing are better, and the third was better. The truth was nothing was better. In fact, it slowly drained away my soul with an array of attempted frights that were beyond cliché.

I didn’t mind that the creators of They Live Inside Us were trying to pay homage to stalker films but failed. Or that the acting was terrible or that James Morris appears to have taken facial expression lessons from Days of Our Lives. What offends me is that they labeled this as horror. There was nothing scary or frightening about this film; 2020, in general, was more terrifying. It’s sad when the best part of a film is the final minute. The camera angles were terrific, though I could’ve done without the monologue.

2.5 Stars

I gave They Live Inside Us 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

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