When Netflix pops me a message saying they have a new film I’m going to love, I always roll my eyes. So when There’s Someone Inside Your House (2021) came in the email, I gave my usual response, but I added it to my list. And, of course, I thought, I can turn it off if I’m not feeling it.

theres someone inside your house posterThe opening scene contains an unknown stalker who’s broken into a farmhouse to torment a football player who doesn’t want anyone to know about a secret. The details of this young jock’s demise were impressive, and I won’t spoil any of it if you haven’t seen it.

As the movie progresses, the antagonist kills other teens from the town, and still, no one knows who did it. Makani, who also has a secret, thinks her secret boyfriend is responsible. Yes, there are a lot of secrets in this small Nebraska town, and there was some typical teenage drama. But what set this apart from the average teen horror was the twist involving the killer’s identity.

5 Stars

There’s Someone Inside Your House was filled with good suspense and the right amount of fluff to keep me engaged. I gave it 5 out of 5 Stars.

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