Somehow, The Unkindness of Ravens (2015) is tied to Lord of Tears (2013), but the only connection I see is Jamie Scott Gordon and creepy bird monsters. The relationship enticed me to see this film but has little to do with how I feel about it. It was weird seeing him take a bath in the same tub as in Lord of Tears.

Unkindness of ravens posterThe story is about Andrew, a homeless war veteran who is experiencing PTSS and has horrific flashbacks. He goes to a secluded house in the country to work out his trauma as prescribed by his therapist. During this time, he sees Raven-men, who stalk him, as well as visions of himself.

The Raven-men are a combination of Plague Doctors and Skeksis from The Dark Crystal (1982), making for terrifying opponents. The effects in this film are amped up more than they have been in other Lawrie Brewster films that I’ve seen. They are also more frightening.

4 Stars

I enjoyed The Unkindness of Ravens and gave it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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