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The Twin (2022) follows Rachel, Anthony, and their son Elliot as they move from New York to Finland to heal from losing Elliot’s twin in an auto accident. Rachel doesn’t seem thrilled about being there, but she says as long as her family is happy, so is she, which is understandable after losing a child. Anthony wants to move on with their life, though he doesn’t want to spend much time with Elliot.

Elliot picks a room at the top of the house for his bedroom and requests a bed for Nathan to be set up too. Well, I can’t, in good conscience, say anymore, except that the strangeness and cult introduction is thrilling. The revelations in the ending scenes are shocking but not outlandish.

The Twin was one of those movies that left me shaking my head, and for once, it wasn’t because I thought it was horrible.

4 Stars

This is a good one, and I gave it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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