The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) stayed in my Netflix cue for a while before I finally watched because I was afraid it wouldn’t be good based on my experience with some of the dreadful sequels. Well, I shouldn’t have been scared.

texas chainsaw massacre 2022 posterSince the original film from 1974 was one of the first exploitation survival films to hit the mainstream, it set the bar for everything that followed. This edition to the franchise took the formula and exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think that was possible.

This starts with Melody, Dante, Lila, and Ruth traveling to abandoned Harlow, TX, to auction off the properties to create a town where they can feel safe. Nice utopian fantasy. On the way, they meet a man at a gas station and have a confrontation. When they arrive in Harlow, they discover that the town isn’t empty; a woman and her son live in the orphanage. Circumstances quickly change for them as a busload of potential buyers arrive.

I thought it was awesome that they brought back Sally Hardesty and turned her into a sort of Laurie Strode, who’s been hunting Leatherface for decades. Too bad the original actress, Marilyn Burns, died in 2014 because that would’ve been awesome to have her reprise the role. However, Olwen Fouéré took the part like she’d been Sally all this time.

The gore level was off the charts, and impressive, as was the ending, leaving it open for more that I hope are like this and not previous sequels. The one thing that I wish was that the musical score was a little bit more hard-hitting as it seemed to get lost.

5 Stars

I loved The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and gave it 5 out of 5 Stars.

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